Camel trekking tour in Merzouga desert

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The camel trekking will start before sunset. You will travel with a team in a caravan from the hotel in the city of Merzouga. The caravan must carry food, blankets and everything else needed for the trip. You will have the opportunity to see the sunset in the Sahara, one of the most beautiful sights ever. It is highly recommended to take photos at this moment to document it.

After reaching the camp, you can relax with a Moroccan mint tea and enjoy the beautiful weather as it gets colder.

The camps always offer entertainment in the form of a traditional band playing mesmerizing drum sounds.

The sky will be fascinating. The desert is one of the best places in the world to see the clear night sky. Try to name some of the basic constellations if you know any – it’s the most fun.

After you enjoy everything, you can go to sleep, but you need to get up early because you don’t want to miss the sunrise.   

After breakfast you can return to the hotel on your camel, where you can take a long shower.

Marzouuga at night
merzouga camel trekking